Chris V

Splintered Light Miniatures

Photos I took at Cold Wars 2010 of various figures produced by Splintered Light Miniatures and painted by the owner, David McBride.

Paris 2012

My first overseas trip! It was an incredible, wonderful experience.

Fall In 2010

Photos from the Iron Paintbrush (Halloween Edition) competition on Saturday night at Fall In.

KC Game Fair 2009

My trip to take my 12yo nephew to his first gaming convention.

Fall In 2008

This was the first convention where our Wednesday Night Painting Group (WNPG) ran several games. It was also the debut of our WNPG bowling shirts.

Fools with My Camera

This is what happens when you loan your camera to some of your friends who have been drinking heavily. Taken Saturday night at Cold Wars 2008. Of course, you can't see the main culprit since he was behind the camera.

Save Santa

Third annual Christmas game run by Shawn Reis. Shawn took these photos with my camera because I was feeling lazy.

Army in a Day

The Iron Fist League held an event to paint a Warhammer 40K army in one day. The army will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit Toys for Tots.

Rocky terrain table

I'm making a 4' sq. gaming table in 4 2' sq. sections. I'll use it for my own pulp and Old West gaming as well as for a friend's Warhammer 40K Kill Team tournament.

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